Wednesday, June 22, 2011

throwing in the towel

I attempted to take pictures of my current mani today, but could not get the camera to actually take a picture that wasn't so blurry it looked like it was taken underwater, I blame the glitter.  Blurry pictures are good for showing the glittery goodness of a polish that usually doesn't show up well in focused pictures, so I am saving some of those to post when I actually get a good picture of the mani. 

So instead I took pictures of three nail art swatches I did for GLBT Pride month, I plan on wearing one of them to Pridefest next weekend, I just can't decide on the accent nail, maybe putting them up will help me decide.

sorry so blurry, you get the idea
 This is going to be the main design on all my nails, at least the rainbow french is, I'm trying to decide on what will go on my ring fingers, the choices are the pink triangle you see above, with or with out the pink glitter on it, the other two options are:

rainbow stripes under black crackle
This is horizontal rainbow stripes with black crackle over it, may or may not add the glitter.

rainbow dots over white
This is just rainbow dots, I would probably use more traditional red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple in the correct order.

So those are the three options for my accent finger, same french as the rest but with a pink triangle on ring finger, rainbow stripes under black crackle, or rainbow dots, decisions, decisions.

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  1. Oooh...will you do mine too? Haha. I like the one with the triangle with glitter. *nod*