Friday, July 1, 2011

Pure ice crackle

I was going to have a swatch here for you today, but I ran out of daylight in which to photograph it (curse you family obligations yada yada) last night.  I attempted to take some flash pictures and even on macro my camera couldn't handle it, so it will have to wait until later today.  Until then I have this for you.

I was at one of my local Walgreen's yesterday, and was somewhat shocked to see this display.  Before now, the only place I had seen Pure Ice was at Wal Mart.  

I was also amazed at the number of colors of crackle that they had come out with.  This is a crappy cell phone pic, and I managed to cut off the left side a little, you can see what was cut off in the top row of the display.  Almost half of these colors were neons, the yellow, and the pink to the right of it, also the orange and the green to the right of it.   

The rundown of colors is (these are not the actual names on the bottles):
Dark Purple
Orange (bright/neon)
Light Green (neon)
Medium Blue
Yellow (Bright/neon)
Pink (bright/neon)
Dark Blue

You can also see that they have doubled the usual price of Pure Ice for these crackles, I pay $1.99 at WalMart for regular Pure Ice colors, so $3.99 is pretty much double that.  But even at this price it's pretty cheap for crackle and I'm guessing they won't last long on the shelves.  

I never really got into the whole crackle thing, so I didn't buy any, but I was impressed with the selection none-the-less.  Hopefully I will have a swatch for you later today.

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